The goal of our paperless office solution is to increase your efficiency and decrease your costs and reduce your liability.


Efficiency is the name of the game! It takes time to print, get signatures, create files, and file…. Not to mention the issue of space and money. The adage “time is money” is never more true than during tax season.

Our paperless office solution aims to improve your efficiency, lower your costs, and limit your liabilities.

Three components are required for a totally paperless office. The capacity to take electronic signatures, store papers, and transmit documents to clients. To put it another way, SCAN – SIGN – SEND.

Each of our software solutions has its own version of our paperless solution!


Scan – Images can be scanned, imported, or snapped right into the client’s file. What we’re truly talking about here is a safe document management system!

As you can see from the image, we wanted to provide you alternatives for the most efficient/easiest scanning approach.

You may use the Motorola DS6707 to snap images or scan files directly from your scanner, or if someone sends you an email with an attachment, simply download it and choose a file.

Sign – Simply plug in one of Topaz’s supported models, choose something that requires a signature (bank app, 8879, etc.), and have your customer scribble on the pad. Your signature is already in the system and linked to your preparer login, so simply save their work and whenever you try to print that document, it will be signed!

Send – If it presently takes you more than 30 seconds to email your clients an encrypted, signed version of their tax return…. “We have a problem, Houston.” Simply select an icon in our system, attach any scanned documents or their tax return, and click transmit. By default, the system will encrypt the file and use the last four digits of their social security number as the passkey. And with that… DONE, DONE, and on to the next!


Almost same capabilities to the desktop paperless office with a slight visual and tactile difference.

Scan – Because our platform is entirely web-based, all of the papers are kept on our servers. Therefore, all of your records are safely and securely stored away, with nothing to worry in the event that your workplace encounters theft, flooding, or fire. The Motorola DS-6707 is not compatible with this platform, however if you are using a tablet or smartphone, you can really capture a picture, upload it from your photo library, or just browse and drop it.

Sign – If utilizing a signature pad suits you, go for it! We have created the capability for your clients to sign documents with their finger on touchscreen devices or with the mouse of their computer if you don’t want to buy them. No further tools are needed. The customer signs, then clicks the “sign” button to save. Easy as pie!

Send – Email your clients their return securely and quickly with 2 clicks.


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