Regardless of where you are in your business endeavors, we want to applaud you on taking the plunge. Here’s some information on how we went about becoming the biggest buying club for tax professionals.


We abandoned the suits, ties, and other bullshit and went to work. We are a team of tax software experts with a combined 75 years of expertise in the tax sector.

When it comes to the cost of software, the offerings from banks, and the standard of service for a tax firm of ordinary size, we thought that there was a significant gap in the market. Everything is OK for organizations that process more than 10,000 bank items. However, it is difficult for everyone else to receive a fair deal in this sector. no more. Seismic has put together a buying group that gives us the ability to bargain with 100K bank goods.


We are familiar with you, your tax business, and your client. We are also aware of the particular difficulties you have regardless of whether your company has one office, several locations, or is a service bureau. We have the resources to simplify your life while assisting you in increasing your income.

A “service bureau” is NOT what we are.We truly represent a “Buying Group.” To summarize? We do our business ethically.


You may be asking yourself… What’s in it for me, then? Go on reading!

  • For its members, the Seismic Team has negotiated prices that take into account several hundred thousand returns. As a result, our members’ software costs per tax office and cost per bank product are significantly cheaper than market prices.We transfer those savings to you, allowing you to improve your bottom line.
  • The Seismic Community membership gives you choice in how you set your costs. For instance, you are given access to extra charge buckets that weren’t previously available to the typical tax firm. You won’t have any tax preparation fee limits and you’ll have enhanced Add-On limits. Additionally, as we don’t charge service bureau costs, you will have a bucket for your own usage.
  • When it matters, our customer service strategy provides the VIP treatment in the following areas: software support, specialized software training, marketing aid, preferential banking treatment, and last but not least, the greatest all-inclusive tax software solution available.
  • The Seismic approach offers a Tax Business Solution rather than just providing tax software. Our staff has had the fortunate opportunity to observe how businesses operate all around the nation, and we want to impart what we have discovered.